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About Disobey

Post  Sumashu - Leader on Fri Mar 09, 2012 1:46 am

Disobey is a faction I build because of the drama surrounding the bigger factions in Heavens Tear.
Disobey can be recalled to the clothing brand that was founded for rebels against illuminati and the government. Our guildlogo is based upon the logo of V for Vendetta, which is not only the logo of the brand Disobey and a great movie, but also the face of anti-government organisations, such as Anonymous.

Disobey is there to have fun, to not compete with eachother but help eachother. We don't have any allies but eachother. I personally do not attack GoldDigrz' members in PK, if you won't either, that is your choice. I will always protect my guildies in any way. We are not in a guild to give eachother money, begging in guildchat is insta-ban.

To become an officer you have to prove your loyalty to the faction. I live in Europe and I will be online from around 5am servertime to 4pm servertime.

"They asked for a Sammich so I gave them a Summich"
my name is not Suma, it's Sumashu or Smash! I'm just sayin'...
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